I’ve talked about 2 ways to clean silver before that are quick, easy, & eco-friendly. And both methods use things practically everyone already has on hand:

  1. Method 1 – using baking soda, foil & hot water
  2. Method 2 – using toothpaste

Both of these methods work really well and are pretty quick. The baking soda method has always been my favorite because the tarnish just magically disappears right before your eyes!

Baking soda method to clean silver

The thing is… I don’t buy aluminum foil anymore, mainly for environmental reasons even though some people swear it can negatively impact health too. Either way, since I don’t buy it anymore I can’t use the magic baking soda trick.

Not to worry! I now have a new way to clean silver that’s not really all that new. Just new to me I guess.

Backstory… a member of an Instagram group I’m in shared a pic of her silver teapot collection that was so pretty & nostalgic. I was so inspired by her photo, that I pulled out my Grandmother’s teapots & decided I wanted them on display too. I normally only pull them out & clean them in the spring when I use them to display flowers on the dining table.

tarnished silver teapots

Otherwise, I just use them as bookends for my cookbooks in the kitchen. But that post got me thinking that I really should show them off & maybe even use them more – that’s actually the best way to keep them from tarnishing.

But first, I needed to clean them up. I didn’t really feel like taking the time to use the baking soda method on 4 teapots so the brain got to working…

My first thought was to still use the baking soda but make a paste to rub on & buff off. But then I don’t know what made me think to reach for one of my favorite eco-friendly cleansers…

Bon Ami! I get mine from Grove Collaborative & I keep it on auto subscribe! Get yours through my link & get a free gift too!

I decided to try it on the bottom of a teapot to see how it would react. And I am SO glad I did!

The Bon Ami literally cleaned a teapot in no time at all. It took less than 15 minutes to clean all 4. And honestly I think that’s just because they have so many nooks & crannies that I needed a toothbrush to really get into.

This has definitely got to be the quickest & easiest way to clean silver I have ever used! And it’s eco-friendly!

Now my teapots are on full display in the dining room where I think they’ll stay. Having them out even frees up space in the pantry too. It’s a win win!

Clean silver teapots on display

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