The Green House has almost completely gone green – I’ve even started a veggie garden.  The 1 thing left that I just could not bring myself to do is compost.  I have childhood memories of having to carry watermelon rinds out to the stinky, worm and fly infested compost pile AT NIGHT and just feeling horribly icky about the whole experience.  It scarred me for life!  Until I met this little gem!  She’s so clean and pretty!

White Ceramic Compost Bucket @
White Ceramic Compost Bucket @

Well, I thought this might kick start things, but after sitting on my counter empty for a couple of weeks, she got reassigned. To the bottom shelf of the pantry! I just wasn’t ready. Then when we called ourselves “prepping” for a whole foods cleanse, which also got nixed because we weren’t ready, I decided this was as good a time as any to dig into composting – literally!

I lined my pretty little pail with a paper bag and started dumping coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit and veggie scraps into it. Then I realized that I was missing a crucial piece of the composting puzzle – I need somewhere to dump this ish! And in come those childhood memories again, but this time it (and a quick web search) helped me to figure out the solution that just might work for me!

compost bucket

Yessssss, it IS a Home Depot bucket!  With a tight lid, and a whole heap of holes (27 to be exact).  I don’t have to smell it until I open it to add stuff and I don’t have to touch it – just roll it around to mix it up and DONE!  I won’t know how it works out for a while so y’all will just have to stick around to see if I make it it works.

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