Last week my family and I completed a 3 day whole foods cleanse.  We didn’t do any hard core juicing; just cut out all dairy, wheat products, sugars, and meat/flesh.  And technically drank nothing but water, fruits, and veggies.

How did it go?  Well, we didn’t kill each other.  But to be clear, we could not have done it longer because I was consistently tired and cranky and just generally not nice.

fruit breakfastI started out with a menu, but we only followed the breakfast & snacks; we just always kept a bowl of fruit ready.  Mainly because we all felt like we were eating NON-STOP!

We all liked different things, most of which were very predictable:

  • Avery- smoothie popsicles
  • Jibri- fruit
  • Albert – smoothies
  • Me – soup & salad

The smoothies were such a hit that we “invested” in a NutriBullet!  So far I am loving it – soups, sauces, dips – endless uses!

We all missed different things the most:

  • Avery – pasta
  • Jibri- bread (especially pancakes!)
  • Albert – his drink of choice. And rigorous exercise.
  • Me – Steak.  Oh and coffee.

The ONE thing we all agreed on is that we don’t like eggplant any way but stuffed.  Or so I thought, until I used the bullet to make baba ganoush.  Baba what?!  Baba Ganoush!  Basically the same as hummus except with eggplant instead of chickpeas as the main ingredient.  It is actually a pretty good dip.

Oh and all that “organic material” makes for great compost!  Although it was a lot of cutting and chopping going on!

Here is my final analysis of the whole cleansing thing…. If we eat “right” all the time, it may never be necessary to “cleanse”.  Personally I think that unless a person has some allergy or diagnosis which requires eliminating an entire food group, it probably is ok (good actually) to eat them all appropriately.

In fact, coming off those 3 days, we realized that we pretty much eat this way ANYWAY – LOTS of fruit and veg.  But we also LOVE a good steak (beef, tuna, salmon)!


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  1. Man, I think I lost my last 10lbs with this cleanse. NONE of my pants are fitting me! 3 have already gone in the donate pile 😐