It’s Labor Day and across the US there are all sorts of activities going on to celebrate the holiday.  Fun things like:

  • Barbecuing
  • For the grown folks – enjoying a few (adult) beverages
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Hanging out – playing cards and board games

But you know what else this holiday means….. it’s time to say goodbye to Summer and usher in the beginning of Fall.  What are you doing to get ready for fall?  Again there’s a number of things we all could do:

  • Clean closets – swap summer clothes and shoes for fall faves
  • Change out textiles – pull out the quilts, swap pillow covers, update window treatments and/or rugs, etc.
  • Treat outdoor space – put out that first round of fall fertilizer, plant fall gardens, swap outdoor cushions, clean & cover the grill (after you barbecue, of course), etc.


On a personal note, we have done NONE of these things in the Green House.  But we did spend a day cleaning/organizing the garage by:

  • cleaning and hanging the bikes
  • recycling old project materials
  • moving firewood inside and to the backyard (to complete the drying out process)

Again, there’s so much we could do but that was enough for me!  What do you have planned around your home to prepare for fall?


{Edited to add…} So, I stand corrected… I have been politely reminded that the most important thing we have done to usher in fall is to post the Florida Gator football schedule.

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