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Declutter Your Digital Life

Every year we all start talking about getting & keeping our lives organized.  Kitchens, offices, closets; using planners for the family’s activities, the garden, chores… you name it!  Am I right or is that just me?

Nothing much has changed about that except… this year I’m making a point to declutter my digital life too. 

7 Steps to Declutter Your Digital Life

  • Old emails
  • Apps I used once or never
  • Stuff I don’t need that might be slowing down my systems
  • Unnecessary plugins & themes I’ll never use (again)
  • Things people suggested/recommended that just don’t work for me
  • Apps the kids installed before they had their own devices (or when they left theirs behind)
  • Anything that doesn’t truly help or bring joy to real life.

It all must to go.  So I guess I’ll see y’all in a week or two after I “bring down the house” & get things up & running again!

Until then… Enjoy!

NCkyola "Nikki" G

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Until next time...Enjoy!

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Declutter Your Digital Life

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