Curtains, draperies, drapes, panels, sheers, swags, scarfs, tiers, valances.  There are enough choices of window treatments to make your head spin.  If you’ve already chosen window treatments but something isn’t quite right, this is for you.

3 Easy Ways to Transform Your Windows

1.  Hang ’em High and Drop ’em Low!

The #1 quickest and most impactful change you can make to existing window treatments is to hang them as high as you can above the window and make sure they fall all the way to the floor. Unless you are hanging something above the window, which can be nice when done correctly, try not to hang your window treatments just at or above the top of the window.

And it is almost never a good look for full window treatments to stop short of the floor – there are exceptions but NOT in main living areas.  No “highwaters” please!

Hang curtain high & down to the floor
These do not hit, or even skim, the floor. They are just a few inches too short.

The only thing worse than an undressed window is a poorly dressed one.

2.  Re-think your hardware.

Let’s say you have very unique custom or semi-custom window treatments and you really want them to be the star of the show… go for minimally decorative hardware in simple finishes that do not distract the eye (muted metals or simple woods with simple ball or cap finials).

If your window treatments are stock, make them special with hardware that helps them stand out.  Specialty finishes and intricately detailed finials (think crystals, heavy metals, carved wood) will draw attention to a window that might otherwise go unnoticed, except for the sun shining through it.  Clip rings are also great;  they can create a pinch pleated look without the pinch pleated price.

3.  Show them off.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your windows is to let them be seen.  Today’s many window styles, and many older styles, can be really intricate and make a beautiful statement in a room.  If the view outside your window is a nice one and privacy is not an issue, consider leaving them bare. If you just have to have something up, try a stationary top treatment or immobile side panels hung just outside the frame.

Example of stationary panels – beautiful windows, gorgeous view! via Houzz

Bonus Tip:  Go semi-custom

Not everyone wants to shell out big bucks for custom window treatments and guess what… There’s nothing wrong with stock (off the shelf) models.  In fact they can sometimes be the best option ever, allowing you and your designer to create your own unique semi-custom look.

Combining multiple patterns and textures on 1 window can breathe new life into your room(s) at a fraction of the cost.  The most popular is using layers; but also consider combining multiple panels to create 1 totally unique panel.  The possibilities are endless.

What’s your favorite way to dress a window?

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