You that old trick of using cheese to get kids to eat just about anything?  I have never been a fan of doing that mainly because the cheese practically negates the goodness of any veggies we melt it on (ESPECIALLY if it’s any kind of processed cheese).  In fact, I much prefer to just cut up the cheese and serve it alongside some fresh veg and hope for the best.  I am lucky in that I do not have particularly picky children.  They’ll try just about anything once and only my youngest still has yet to conquer his texture issues.

Nevertheless, I think I have found the trick to getting the kiddos to eat almost anything.  Ready to “hear” it?  Here it is….. (drum roll please)….. PUT IT ON A STICK!  OMGoodness, who knew it could be so easy?!  AND the kicker is that this is nothing new; it has been in our faces all along – I mean who has ever seen a kid NOT love a corndog or a popsicle?!

Marinated Beef, Italian Chicken Sausage, Veg, Jerk Chicken

I make beef, chicken, and shrimp kabobs all the time.  But truly, meat is not the problem;  as I said my kids aren’t too picky and most veggies are pretty normal for them.  So my true test was zucchini and squash.

WHAT?!  Most adults don’t even like those too much.  But just take a look at this proof – a picture’s worth a gazillion words and they don’t lie (no photoshop-ing here)!

hey-mikey3 year old working on 2nd veggie kabob

One important tip….. just make sure that the little ones take bites from the side of the kabob or use coffee stirrers or something.  Or just take it off for them (but then that takes away the excitement of them eating it off the “stick”).  We definitely don’t want them sticking the ends of stick in their mouths just to get to the good stuff.


This also works with cute little things.  The pic on the right is one of my toddler’s favorite snacks and now he’s to the point that I don’t even have to put it on toothpicks anymore. Good thing because who really has time for THAT everyday?!  ;-p

If you haven’t already, try this out on your picky eater(s) – kids and/or adults.  Even try it out yourself; you never know you might find something new that you never thought ANYone would like, including yourself.

Oh and 1 last tip…. only introduce 1 new thing at a time.  You kind of want to ease into it, lest you send the kids all the way off the deep end!


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