Pipe cleaners… you know those little crafty things small children use to make spiders and other stuff at school?  Turns out those are the best loc curlers ever and they cost a measly 87 cents per pack.  Now that I’ve finally gotten the hang of it, I use them anytime I want a long lasting super curly style.  and since I recently trimmed my locs, curling them this way looks really good (if I do say so myself ;-p)

BTW, a few of my loc curls in front “fell” a little and since the rest of my hair was extremely curly still, I had to do a little damage control.  Enter the coil – I just coiled individual locs back on themselves and slept with it that way.  By morning it was tightly curled again.  I have heard of people doing this on their entire head of locs but I cannot imagine doing it myself – seems like it would take 2 days just to get it coiled.  AND THEN I’m just supposed undo all that work?  Yah, I’m not planning on trying that anytime soon.  Sorry.

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  1. I don’t have locs but my hair is all natural and I’m always looking for new things to do with my hair. This is awesome and relatively cheap as well. Thanks. Visiting from BloggyMoms and GrowingUPMadison