When I started gardening it was really an experiment for me. Even though I grew up grandparents & great-grands who grew most of their own food & even raised animals for food, I could not even manage to keep houseplants alive for long. I just loved them to death!

Now 4 years into my own gardening journey, I have learned so much about everything from companion planting to starting seeds. Now that I have much more confidence in the garden, I am even starting to save my own seeds from one season to the next.

When I first started doing this, I wasn’t very serious about it honestly. I would wrap seeds in anything… a paper towel, plastic wrap (which we no longer use in our home at all), or just dump them in a plastic storage container we longer use. I’d label them what I thought I remembered they were & keep it moving.

I’m much better than that now. I realize I actually need little envelopes or tiny baggies but I’m not ready to have a million of them hanging around when I only need 5-10.

Amazon is great but unfortunately, I can only find these things in bulk. Sooooo, I decided to figure out a way to make my own & came up with this eco-friendly gardening hack.

How To Make Seed Packets for FREE

Watch this video to see it in action. Don’t prefer video? Skip to written instructions below.

How To Make Seed Packets for FREE!

How to make seed envelopes for free

If you are into gardening sustainably, this eco-friendly hack is for you! Saving seeds from your own flowers & veggies is the ultimate way to complete the sustainability circle. Not having to buy seed packets makes it even better. Make you own seed envelopes for FREE!

Active Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $0


  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Seeds


Step 1 - Choose your material

Heavy paper works best for this method. It should be heavier than standard printer paper but not as heavy as card stock. I am using leftover Christmas stationary that is acid free

Step 2 - Cut the paper

Cut the paper into a square. It can be any size but this technique requires it to be perfectly square.

Step 3 - Create the folds

Fold the square in to a triangle by bringing together 2 opposite points.Now fold 1 side of the triangle in toward the middle. Fold the 2nd side in toward the middle & tuck into the first side. You now have a small envelop with a flap at the top.

Step 4 - Fill, seal, & label

Label the envelop with the type of seed you're going to store in it. Make sure you do this 1st, it's a little tough to do after you put the seeds in.

Fill the envelop with your seeds, fold the top flap down & secure with tape. I secured all folds with washi tape.


You can get as fancy as you want - use pretty pens & doodles, use stickers to secure, etc - or just keep it simple.

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