For the last year or so, I have had a few rooms in my home that needed help. Lots of help. We tackled the laundry room with the help of Photowall wallpaper & now I’ve teamed up with Photowall USA again to finally get going on my Mom Cave!

You guys… I am SO excited about this.

This is the room I was originally to makeover – it was one of our children’s old rooms. I didn’t want to paint but there was this 1 wall that just had to go. And I originally considered covering it with fabric but I couldn’t find anything that I absolutely loved.

So it got put on the back burner & we finished the laundry room instead.

When Photowall reached out to me about using their products again – AND SHARING A SWEET DISCOUNT WITH YOU – of course I was absolutely excited to do it!

Their products are very unique, everything from the murals & canvases to the option to turn your own photo into a wall mural, wallpaper or canvas. And the quality & easy application is absolutely amazing.

So once again, I decided to go bold but in a different way this time. I am usually all about color color color. But I decided that I want my “cave” to be a zen-ful space where I can do some yoga, have a glass of wine, chill, or even just veg out & binge watch Netflix if I want.

That meant that I needed to make some different color choices than I might normally choose. AND the adjacent room are all shades of blue – navy, denim, & sky – so the color choice needed to work well with those to keep things from getting too chaotic.

A long search & I finally landed on this pretty pattern. It’s called Hayfever – Broken White

Photowall wallpaper for my mom cave

Looking for inspiration of your own?

If you’re interested in other options I considered, I created a list to share with you!

Now I just had to decide which wall(s) would get treated with this beauty! That turned out to be the easiest part…

I mentioned at the top of this post that there is one wall that just had to go! Take a look this pic and just take a wild guess at which wall it is…

Our home before we moved in. I knew I would have a LOT of painting to do!

If you guessed that big bird yellow wall you would be correct! It’s not horrible, it’s just not right. And even though Pantone chose a sunny yellow as the 2021 color of the year, this is just not it!

Materials needed:

  • wallpaper paste (included)
  • room temperature water
  • a wallpaper brush (optional)
  • soft cloth or sponge
  • a paint brush
  • seam roller or roller with roller cover
  • scissors
  • a sharp exacto knife/box cutter
  • ladder
  • time

All the instructions you need to hang the wallpaper are included in the Photowall wallpaper kit.

And so is the paste!

everything you need to hang photowall wallpaper. instructions & paste included

Watch this to see just how quick & easy it is to apply Photowall wallpaper as a show stopping accent wall!

A few details about the prep work & finishing touches

And in case you were wondering, don’t worry… those blue walls (all the other walls are that color) are changing to a beautifully moody color called Perle Noir – SW 9154. It’s black with purple undertones – you can see a little sneak peek of it in the photos. Did I mention that purple is my favorite color? It is. Followed closely by green.

I’m really excited about this transformation because it will truly reflect me. The colors are my faves. This wallpaper puts me right in the middle of my garden. And the accessories that will complete the space will make it totally zen-ful!

The paste isn’t even dry & I LOVE IT already!!!

And as if it could get any better… they are an eco-friendly company. All products are made to order ONLY so they’re not just sitting around waiting for someone to buy. Everything is truly custom made to your order!

Follow along to see how it turns out!

We’ll have to wait to see the entire transformation since I’m taking it one week at a time.
Starting with this week – MY 50th BIRTHDAY WEEK.
The perfect time for the gift of a mom cave!

I’m sure this is what you’ve been waiting for this! HERE’S YOUR DISCOUNT CODE!

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