It’s spring and it’s time to start thinking about our outdoor decor.  Actually it’s time to stop thinking about it and start doing something. And by “something” I mean GET OUTside and get it done!

Sprucing up your home’s exterior room(s) (or creating some) doesn’t have to be a huge expensive commitment.  Although it would be wonderful to have a beauty like the 1 in the picture below fully installed in a day AND on the cheap, wouldn’t it?! If you have been planning a backyard install on this level and have the budget for it, good for you!


Photo credit: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

For the rest of the free world…..

Here are some low cost updates that can help take your outdoor decor to the next level (or any level for that matter):

  1. Work from the ground up
    You don’t need to start with a new deck, stamped concrete, or pavers.  After you spring clean your patio, throw down a colorful rug before you put everything back in place.  This 1 change can make a big impact.  Outdoor rugs are a perfect way to add color & texture to your outdoor space.  Just be aware that if the area is fully open to the elements, you will need to shake it off regularly (like when you mow the lawn) & hang it to dry after a heavy rain.  Those are small prices to pay for comfy coziness under your feet.
  2. Make it inviting
    If you don’t already have outdoor furniture, consider spending a little money to get some.  If you’re on a tight budget, there are low cost choices like bistro sets and individual outdoor chairs that can get you started.  You can always add on or change things up later.  Another fun option is to build your own simple pieces – you’ll end up with unique items no one else has.  And take it from me, there is no better feeling than creating & making things with your own hands!
  3. Already have furniture?
    Consider painting it a bright and fun color (or multiple colors).  Neutral colored metal furniture is a great investment, but can get boring and expensive (think cushions and pillows) over time.  (Spray) Painting pieces can be a fun way to perk them up for less.  Use a good quality paint that will stand up to the elements so you don’t have to worry about moving things when the weather’s not so great.
  4. Light it up.
    Well, we are talking about outdoor “rooms” right?  Every room needs lighting – more than just natural sunlight.  Candles anyone?  Or how about some unique string lights – you could even craft some yourself.  Have fun with it!
  5. Get planting.
    Naturally, this would have to be on the list. But I’m not talking about installing a full garden (unless that’s what you want and have budgeted for).  Container gardens can be just as beautiful (think flowers and flowering shrubs) & useful (plant an edible container garden!) as a standard or raised garden bed.  Just make sure you plant what you love & that it fits the space both in scale and in plant needs (i.e. sun vs shade, water, etc.).
  6. Accessorize
    Outdoor accessories can get pretty pricey, but just like furniture you can start small and add on as you find pieces that “speak” to you.  Just like any other room in your home, accessories are the easiest and usually cheapest way to bring color, personality, & whimsy to your exterior.  And just like other rooms, think wall decor, textiles, small furnishings, centerpieces, candles, lanterns… the possibilities are endless.
photo credit: This Old House
Bringing it all together – furniture, textiles, color, plants (both container and in ground).
photo credit: This Old House

Bonus: If you have a large yard or just different areas of your yard, consider adding inexpensive walkways with pavers.  3 reasons I like this:

  1. it makes it easy to create outdoor rooms
  2. it leads people around the yard to exactly where you want them to go (think about when you’re entertaining outside)
  3. it’s better than walking through the grass, but semi-permanent so you can still change things up when you want to

Now that you have some ideas, add your’s to the list, get going, and have fun!  Please share your plans for your outdoor decor this spring & summer.  I’d love to see what you do or have planned!

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