The Single BEST Design Advice I Could Ever Give

I will get right to the point on this one and spare you the suspense.  THE single most important concept that I believe will change how you view and decorate your living spaces, inside & outside is…..

DO NOT buy or use “SETS” of ANYTHING

This is literally the BEST design advice I could ever give anyone!  Don’t just take my word for it; take a look at some examples below and decide for yourself.  Then read on for some basic tips.

To be clear (and fair), there are times when it is totally appropriate (and smart) to purchase items in sets.  These are limited to:

  1. Window treatments (for obvious reasons)
  2. Some accessories (usually limited to 2-3 of anything; candlesticks/holders may be the exception)
    1. Lamps
    2. Pillows and throws
    3. Art
  3. Some furniture pieces (usually limited to 2 of anything)
    1. Accent or side chairs or stools
    2. Small ottomans
  4. MOST IMPORTANT FOR THE FRUGALISTA IN ME, when it is more cost effective to buy the set instead of the individual pieces.  Again, for obvious reasons.

In most of these cases, there are 2 things that can happen to avoid that matchy matchy furniture store look in your home:

  1. Multiple items can be used in different rooms, or
  2. Sets can be mixed with other items in the same room to create a designer look.

Note:  Whether you lease or own, are in your forever home or not, determined your style or not, this WILL work.

There is just one other VERY important piece of design advice….. Have fun and enjoy the journey and the process.

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