It’s Spring and I’m feeling the need for a change.  Lots of change, but I’ll just start with this. Last May, I got a loc cut – I mean a loc CUT, 4-6 inches off – and only a couple of months later I felt like I’d done nothing at all.  Well this time, I think I have learned my lesson.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT all about the long hair.  With my first set of locs, I started cutting them early and kept cutting them often.  It pretty much stayed like this for the first 2 years……

Locs Circa 2006
Locs Circa 2006

That strategy worked, until I just couldn’t keep up with the growth anymore.  Anyway, I loved that looked and decided to go for it again….

So here it is – My Loc Cut.

Loc cut
My Final Loc Cut – It’s sassy but I think it could be a little shorter.

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