Welcome To The Ladies Lounge – The Big Reveal

Hello my friends and thank you for joining me as I reveal to you my Ladies Lounge! The original reveal aired on IGTV & YouTube.

But for those of you who subscribe to the 4th House online, I wanted to update you as well! So have a look at the video to find out what I did & why. If you have a small room in your home that’s not being used or could be better used, this Ladies Lounge Reveal may be the perfect interior design idea for you!

After you watch the video, take a closer look around at some great shots of The Ladies Lounge below along with some FAQ’s about some of the choices I made! But 1st, a couple of before & afters.

This is what the room looked like when we viewed the house before buying.
We changed the layout of course but that’s it. I was STUCK! Until now!

Ladies Lounge interior design reveal for small space design ideas

This is my new Lounge as it’s being lounged in this very moment! You’ll have to check out the video above for a cute little story about this chair & our little Lady Lola (our doggie).

Ladies Lounge interior design reveal for small space design ideas

I love the use of the closet as an entertainment “center” & storage space.

I now do all my yoga & exercise in here too instead of my office. It’s so very zen!

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love Every. Single. Thing. about this room. There are a few things that I really want to point out that I haven’t already. These are a few of my favorite things!

Smart Things

These are definitely NOT technology related. In fact, the Ladies Lounge is {almost} an electronic free zone – yes phones are allowed, but that’s about it.
These “smart things” are all about functional storage that I don’t have to see all the time


Here’s a couple of questions I got about some of the design choices I made.

Q: What about the ceiling? Why didn’t you paint it or something?

When I originally chose the wallpaper, I thought it would look amazing on the ceiling. That swirling action in the paper is perfect for the swirling action of the ceiling fan (question about that next).
But as I thought about it, it didn’t make sense to me to put the focal point on the ceiling because it’s just not natural. Your eye does not naturally go to the ceiling. so why spend all that time Y& money on an element that I’d only enjoy laying down on my back looking up?
So why didn’t I paint it?
Because nothing should take away for the actual focal point – the gorgeous Photowall wallpaper!
As it stands, the ceiling disappears right along with the ceiling fan. All that stands out up there is the light “fixture”.

Q: Why didn’t you remove the ceiling fan.

This is Houston, TX. We not only love our ceiling fans, we NEED them. It’s HOT & HUMID here. And unless you want to crank the a/c down to freezing 9 months of the year (and crank up your electric bills in the process), you have ceiling fans. Just a fact of life in the city.
So the ceiling stays in the Ladies Lounge!

Q: Have you slept on the “daybed”? How is that working out.

Ladies Lounge Daybed

A: The great thing about that is it’s actually a bed, as I mentioned in the video. So it’s super comfortable. I was only concerned with the support since I didn’t use the slats as normal. But I’ve fallen asleep in here many times now & slept like a baby with no issues.

I’ve also had a couple of people stay in here, including my mom & they have really enjoyed it too!

** ONE WORD OF CAUTION: Black cushions are super chic & sleek… but they attract everything that thinks it might want to be lint. Consider yourself warned & informed! **

Interior design is part art, part analysis, part math & science in my opinion. Form & function have to co-exist, which is sometimes easier than it sounds. Sometimes you get great function in a not so beautiful space. Other times the space drop dead gorgeous, but totally not inviting or comfortable.

As a designer/decorator, I work hard to get it right for my clients – which always very subjective. This time I was my own client & I can be my own worst critic. But the verdict is in & I definitely got it right!

I’ve lived with it for a while & The Ladies Lounge is all that I want it to be & more!

So tell me, what do you think of The Lounge? Would you do or do you have something like this for yourself or someone you love?

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