Everyday I learn something new, whether it’s in my own home or coming up with solutions in my clients’ homes.  The lesson I am going to share with you today will (or at least should) make all shoe lovers rejoice!  But first, a story….

A few weeks ago, I bought 2 new pair of shoes – totally unplanned and definitely not necessary (but then, when is any purchase ever really a necessity?).

I didn’t even take them out of the (reusable) bag until a couple of days ago when I was determined to find a home for them.  Now normally I subscribe to the “1 in, 1 (or more) out” philosophy when it comes to buying new things, but this time I didn’t have ANY shoes that could get the boot (pun intended).

I LOVE my shoes & I already met my quota for getting rid of shoes for this year!  And even though we have a flexible closet system, I wasn’t too interested in re-configuring the whole thing – AGAIN.

Then I thought about how as a little kid I used to wonder why shoes were packaged opposite each other in their boxes.  LIGHT BULB MOMENT & into the closet I went!

And here is the SHOE ORGANIZATION Quick Tip….

If you store your pairs turned opposite each other on the shelf (i.e. right toe facing you, left toe facing away) they take up less space… allowing you to organize (i.e. buy &n store) more!  Don’t take my word for it;  a picture is worth a thousand!

Take a look at the middle row of shoes here…

And now look at the same row.  Just by turning each pair heel to toe (like they would be in a shoe box), I’ve made space for those 2 new pair!

More Shoes


So, who wants to go SHOE SHOPPING?!



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