Locs – The Good, The Bad, and The (not so) Ugly

We naturalistas are all used to seeing videos and tutorials of our peers rocking FIERCE styles with their locs and ‘fros.  THIS is NOT that….

THIS is me showing that I am not afraid to show the (not so) ugly side of my loc’ed life.  THIS is me declaring that we don’t always have to do elaborate styles to rock our locs.  And that sometimes we have to do things for a specific purpose.  In this case, I needed to wash my hair but was not ready to retwist.  I also needed it to dry pretty quickly since I don’t use any heat and it’s not good to sleep with wet locs.

miss celie

Sooooo….. you are about to see what I affectionately call my picaninny plaits.  Yah, I said it… picaninnies, picaninnies, PIC-A-ninnies.  They are not quite on Miss Celie status, but they are pretty dern close.



What you are about to see may be distracting to some, viewer discretion is advised….  ;-P

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