Before our oldest son, my baby boy, went back to university we spent a few quality hours together grooming his locs.  I gave him a very thorough wash, oiled him up and twisted/latched his locs.  In doing so I had to ask him, for the millionth time, how he cares for them when he’s at school.  He does pretty okay; except he won’t allow anyone to “do” his hair but me. And then there’s the all important moisturization; his locs were DRYYYYYY.  He admitted that he needed a little help in this area, specifically some hair/loc oil.  NO PROBLEM, I GOT YOU!

Problem:  I have the exactly what he needs but nothing to put it in.  So I went scavenging. I needed something that would ship well (i.e. no breakage or spills) and easy to use (i.e. has a spray or nozzle top). Even though I have gobs of jars that would ship well, they wouldn’t work for this  because the consistency of the loc oil (recipe to follow) is not thick enough to scoop out of a jar. Moving on from the pantry to the bathroom….  while cleaning out the cabinet under the sink in the 2nd bath (which this scavenger hunt NATURALLY led to), I came across a few options.

But first this… pink oilCLEARLY this was not a purchase I made. I don’t even know how or when this made it into this house!  Get that outta here!

Mom's Loc OilThe best option I found was this bottle.  It’s big (I can send enough oil to last all semester), flexible, and has a tilt and pour cap.  DONE.  This was originally a bottle of African Royale (I think that’s the name) Miracle Oil Moisturizer (MOM).  I am pretty sure THIS was a purchase I made, likely used once or twice, then quickly dismissed after noticing that it contained mineral oil hidden down in the ingredient list.  NO IDEA how I missed that;  AND it was creamy – no es bueno. 

Anyway, I got to work pulling the label off and the idea hit me…. I can make this label WORK!  So I sliced and diced it and filled it with the following mixture:

  • 4 oz Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • 4 oz Coconut Oil
  • 2 oz Castor Oil
  • 1 oz Vitamin E Oil
  • 1 oz Avocado Oil

One last change – I added a spray top with a cap to make it extra easy to apply.  It needs to go directly on the scalp and a spray (or nozzle) makes that easy.  When applied to wet locs, it. is. amazing!

Now when he nourishes his locs, my baby boy will think of me because the bottle says M.O.M. (get it) AND it still has “The Proud Lady” on the side.


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