I love a good Wallflower but I also love the smell of a naturally fresh home.  If you’re not a fan of plug in air fresheners or aerosols this tip is for you.

Ever notice how during the holidays your home smells of all the great food and baked goods you make?  Visitors come in and immediately say “mmm, it smells so good in here”.  Well you can harness that yummy goodness and use this technique any time to make your home smell fresh and delicious.

Read on for natural air fresheners for your home that you make on the stovetop.

All you need is a pot, a knife, some fruit, herbs & spices.

Lemons – the ultimate natural air freshener

Natural air freshener number 1:

Lemony Fresh

Do you use lemons to cook, clean, or make fresh squeezed lemonade?
What those used lemons can do for your garbage disposal, they can do for the whole house.
Throw your used lemons in a pot, fill it with water and simmer.
This 1 doesn’t even need any additions, but you could add whatever you want.


Natural air freshener number 2:

Citrus Sunrise

Feel like having an orange? Kids begging for “little cuties”? Have at it.
But instead of throwing out the peels (pith & seeds), throw them in a pot.
Add whole cloves, a cinnamon stick and maybe a little honey.
Fill the pot with water and let it simmer.

Natural air freshener number 3:

Lavender Vanilla Dreams

Put some fresh or dried lavender in a pot.
Add a Tbsp of real vanilla extract OR a whole vanilla bean.
Fill the pot halfway with water and simmer.
* This one is super relaxing so PLEASE don’t fall asleep with it on.


Natural air freshener number 4:

Welcome Home to Apple Pie

First, decide that you feel like having an apple or 2.
Peel (optional) and core the apple.
Throw the peel and the core in the pot.
Add some whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. (Star anise and nutmeg would be great additions if you have them.)
Fill the pot halfway with water and simmer.
In about 5 minutes, your home will smell like homemade apple pie.

Natural Simmering Air FreshenerAll Natural Apple Pie Simmering Air Freshener

These are simple examples of how to naturally freshen your home. You can see how this can be done with practically any “scent” you have in the form of fruit, herbs, and spices.

In all cases, DO NOT let the water completely evaporate. If it starts to cook down and you still want the yummy freshness, just keep eating more fruit and adding more water.

BONUS AIR FRESHENER TIP:  after simmering these down, they become concentrated.  Strain the remaining water into a spray bottle, add alcohol and you’ve got a room spray or a plug-in refill.  The alcohol helps with staying power and evaporation.

Every single one of these simmering fragrances can be done with great smelling essential oils too!  Simmer your favorite EO or combination of oils in a small pot or crock pot.  Works like a charm!

When all else fails, open the windows, let some fresh air in and enjoy spring!


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