I think I may be obsessed with the smell of our home because here I am posting about it again!  This time I am raving about the wonders of baking soda and essential oils.  Last week I went EO shopping and came home with lemon, orange, (both to add to my cleaning arsenal) and peppermint (to try out for all natural pest control).peppermint EO

I already had a dish of baking soda on the table that I’d left out after dinner one night; I added a few drops of the peppermint oil to it just to see if I’d like it.

The next day we were headed out of town to visit family for the weekend and of course I left the dish out (but not on purpose).  When we got home…. OH MY GOODNESS….. The entire house smelled so fresh.  Not overpowering at all, just sooooo fresh!  Now I have to find something really cute to put this in so I can leave it out all the time.

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