I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, ever since seeing it on One Good Thing By Jillee.  For some reason, we have pesky little spiders finding their way into the house.  I HATE SPIDERS.  When we used to get the house exterminated every 3 months, we were told that although the solution used works on spiders the services are not guaranteed as they are for other pests.  This, we were told, is because only their legs ever touch surfaces so whether they will be killed is hit or miss.  No es bueno.

peppermint EO

I’d already done the typical due diligence of vacuuming EVERY crack, crevice, window, dark spot and places I’d forgotten even existed in this house (everywhere but the attic and garage)!  So on a recent trip to Betsy’s Health Foods, I picked up some peppermint oil specifically to try it out on these darn spiders.  As soon as I got home I mixed up my spider repelling/killing solution and got to spraying.  I have to admit that I went a little overboard and here’s why…. THIS STUFF SMELLS SOOOO GOOD!

I don’t even really like that minty smell but this smells so fresh. On top of that IT ACTUALLY WORKS! When I tell you that we (the toddler and I) started seeing the few spiders that had apparently eluded the vacuum cleaner wand come scurrying out of corners, please believe it! And when we sprayed them directly, they died (poor things).

So not only is the peppermint oil a natural repellent, it’s also a natural insecticide AND air freshener! SCORE!

Now that Spring is here & the bugs come right along with, give peppermint oil a try. Maybe even plant some mint in pots to see how it works out for you.

Until next time friends… Enjoy!

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