For the last year or so, I have had a few rooms in my home that needed help. Lots of help. One of them is the laundry room & we are finally tackling it with the help of Photowall wallpaper!! You guys… I am SO excited about this.

Originally I was going to makeover one of our children’s old rooms. I didn’t want to paint but there was this 1 wall that just had to go. So I decided to ask my Insta-tribe whether I should cover it with fabric or wallpaper.

Fabric won but I couldn’t find anything that just made my heart sing. That’s when DH let me in on a little secret… that he’d rather have the laundry room “done” than the spare bedroom anyway.

So back to the drawing board I went thinking about what to do in the laundry room. Again, I didn’t want to paint because I wanted something that actually make me want to do laundry. That’s a tall order!

And it was as if the decorating goddesses were listening because I was approached by Photowall o try out some amazing products & share my experience with you! They were even gracious enough to give me coupon code to share with you all!

More on that later. 😉

I was so excited because Photowall has SO many great products. They make wallpaper, murals, canvas & framed prints, & posters including options using your own photos! The choices are endless & everything is so gorgeous.

I finally decided on wallpaper that stopped me in my tracks. Mr. Green agreed that it looked amazing. And that never happens!

We measured our room, ordered the wallpaper & waited. But not for long; I went on vacation and the wallpaper with paste included got back to my home before I did!

Let’s talk about how great this wallpaper is!

This is not your grandma’s big box store wallpaper. It is so thick & heavy. It feels super durable but very smooth. The print & color is amazing and has a slight sheen. And this isn’t even their standard paper – not the premium version!

Photowall wallpaper panel
Photowall wallpaper panel

Wallpaper is not the easiest to install. I normally leave it to professional contractors but that’s not an option right now. We simply made it a family affair & got it done together.

Photowall wallpaper installation

Photowall Wallpaper Installation

Photowall makes installation really simple, as simple as it can be.

  1. They include instructions & paste with the wallpaper.
  2. The panels are numbered to make matching the pattern easy. They come on 1 large roll that just has to be cut along the cut marks. We did it as we went along but you can come up with your own system to keep things in check – 1 good way is to cut all the panels & lay them out in order to grab when you’re ready.
  3. They give you a list of additional items needed for installation and even offer a full kit on their site.
  4. Shipping is free! Yes… FREE! I love that!
  5. Photowall is an eco-conscious company doing everything they can to reduce their footprint.

We DIY a lot so we had all of the tools needed for the installation. We used a rag in place of a sponge to smooth the paper onto the wall

Now… here’s where things differ for is. The instructions say to apply to smooth walls. Ours are not. We have “orange peel” texture on our walls & no way we were going to sand them smooth.

Would the paper have gone on easier? Probably. Would it have taken us an extra week or 2? Definitely. Would our beautiful marriage & friendship have made it through?

We’ll still working but I love it so much already, I couldn’t wait to share!

Now for that coupon code! You guys… Photowall is giving you 25% any product on their website!!! The code is nckyola25 & is good for 1 month!

So if you’re working on a project, have a project coming up, or a project in mind you will want to take advantage of this chance to check out PHOTOWALL!

I promise you’ll love their products & customer service.

Oh BTW, this is just part 1 of this laundry room remix. Don’t forget to check back to see the finished space. Or just sign up for the newsletter or notifications to get the updates automatically.

As always, thanks for reading y’all 💕

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