Welcome to my kitchen!

This video is long overdue. I’ve designed quite a few kitchens in my career but I was most challenged when I needed a change in my own kitchen. It was 2015 and we’d just moved into a new home so a full renovation was not in the cards. I made a lot of small changes with big impact.

Then last year after I made 1 big change, I asked on Instagram if a full tour of my kitchen showing the practical & budget friendly kitchen design tips I used would be helpful & the answer was 100% YES.

Practical & Budget Friendly Kitchen Design Tips - new Cambria countertops

Just over a year later, I’m finally sharing a full video of kitchen design tips & the why behind them. Plus more. In this video, I’ll go into details about sustainable storage & organization options, budget friendly hacks, unexpected decorative touches, and even lighting!

Practical & Budget Friendly Kitchen Design Tips

Watch the full video below or head to YouTube to save it to watch later.

I am considering turning this topic into a mini series that goes more in depth on the topics covered here + more. That could help you potentially optimize the beauty & functionality of your kitchen.

Leave your comments below if you would like to see more on topics like choosing the right countertops for lifestyle, kitchen lighting, how to organize on a budget, and quick & easy changes that could change the entire look & feel of your kitchen!

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  1. I rent my apartment. The kitchen floor is probably some kind of linoleum? It is old and stained etc. my landlord does not want to fix it. Do you know about linoleum rugs ?
    Or any other solution

    1. That’s an excellent question Susan! Linoleum rugs are a good option for covering parts of the floor, just like a standard rug. A few other options are temporary interlocking tiles and peel & stick tiles. These are great because they are sturdy, long lasting & removeable. Check out this post where I even used peel & stick tiles on a fireplace. They are very versatile.