I have an exciting update this week (week 6… I think… because who knows what day or week it is anymore) for the One Room Challenge! It’s PAINT! And it’s a new line – Sherwin-Williams Emerald Designer Edition!


If you been here before, THANK YOU so much for coming back. If this is your first time here, I’m happy to have you & hope you’ll stay a while.

In case you missed it…

Week 5 was cancelled as we all struggled to deal with the state of race relations in America & the level of police violence & brutality we’ve seen for generations. BIG thanks to Linda for using her platform & influence to support the Black Lives Matter movement and for continuing to foster deep conversations & ask the tough questions while being open to the sometimes tougher answers.

Back to the Teacher’s Lounge… All the planning is done and execution is underway. (That sounds so project manager-ish! Welp, you can take the girl out of IT but you can’t take IT out of the girl!) I painted the room this week & I absolutely love this new line of Emerald Designer Edition paint.

Sherwin-Williams Emerald Designer Edition Paint

An Introduction & Initial Thoughts

I am using Zinc Luster from the Form + Function Natural Beauty collection. Naturally I would be drawn to this collection! It is a very nuanced shade of grey with yellow-green undertones that is so very calming & relaxing. Just perfect for a Prayer Room.

Painting with Sherwin-Williams new Emerald Designer Edition paint

Yes the color is a darker than you’d expect in a small room but it doesn’t make it feel cave like. Instead the vibe is more like a cocoon, a warm hug, a hot cup of tea with a good book. And that’s exactly what I’m going for here.

This paint goes on so smooth & I consistently got 1 coat coverage. I almost always choose satin finish for spaces that are not high use/high traffic – like bathrooms & kitchens – for it’s sheen, durability & scrub-ability. This time was no exception except that it seems even more… “rich” for lack of a better description. Pictures definitely don’t do it justice.

Sherwin-Williams new Emerald Designer Edition paint is easy to work with

On another note, I LOVE a great ceiling. My absolute favorite is lacquered ceilings followed very closely by beamed ceilings & ceilings with decorative molding. Just beautiful!

I am choosing to NOT paint the ceiling in the Teacher’s Lounge. Again, it’s about that cocoon vs. cave feeling as well as the lighting plan. There will be layers of light which is especially important in a multi-functional room.

I chose the overhead light fixture specifically to throw light around the room & don’t want the already semi-textured ceiling to interfere with that. Have a look at the following video for more about that.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out what the ORC featured designers & other guest participants have going on this week. And don’t forget to keep the lines of communication WIDE OPEN.

Have a great week my friends & neighbors!

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