A soothing & relaxing bedroom should be a sanctuary within our homes, a retreat from the outside world.  And let’s face it, sometimes we need a retreat from the “inside” world too.  Our lives are busier than ever these days between work, school, kids activities, and an endless connection to the world through electronics.  The hardest part of the day can be “turning off” & going to bed.

I can’t help you choose a great mattress or pillow to help you sleep, but I can show you some beautiful, soothing & relaxing bedroom designs that could make your sleep more restful.  And I can give you tips on how to incorporate some of the restful elements in your own bedroom.

7 Soothing & Relaxing Bedroom Designs

Soothing color scheme

The soft cool blues and purples in this bedroom are relaxing and provide plenty of interest through pattern.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a natural water element outside the bedroom door.

A canopy bed is very soothing & relaxing

The canopy and drape over the bed in this bedroom is like a cocoon.  Just crawl in, curl up, and enjoy!  Any fabric will work as a canopy but if your bedroom shares a wall with a noisy room or gets lots of light or noise from outside, heavier fabrics would help create a sound and light barrier.

Soothing & relaxing bedroom Design by W Design

Even though there’s a TV in this room, the fireplace is more interesting and can definitely be relaxing (and romantic).  I normally ban electronics from the bedroom completely, but I would imagine that it wouldn’t get much use in a soothing & relaxing bedroom like this.

Empire House Tour - Real Empire Mansion:

This bedroom is a much more traditional style with the dark wood furnishings, but everything else is light & airy.  A relaxing fireplace, light & noise filtering window treatments, and air purifying plant add up to a good nights sleep.


Soothing & relaxing bedroom with a splash of purple

This bedroom is dreamy for 2 main reasons: 1) monochromatic color scheme, and 2) lush yet relaxed linens.  I love that the bedspread is left to drape on the floor and the texture of the rug… my feet NEED this rug.

Relaxing blue & white bedroom color scheme

Blue isn’t always relaxing.  Blue & white can be jarring at times, especially in a bedroom if the color is even slightly off hue.  This blue & white bedroom is done right.  And with all the seating and softness, you could fall asleep reading a book, lounging, OR in bed.


Love the bed! Not just for kids!:

This is a “wild card”.  It’s actually a child’s bed with children’s bedding.  BUT… the bed itself wraps around you like a shell or cocoon.  It’s padded so it’s super soft with a light wood frame.

Years ago my mom purchased a new bed at 1 of the big furniture stores.  She’d been shopping for months when she finally found exactly what she was looking for… in the children’s furniture section!

The lesson learned… don’t “sleep” on kid’s furniture.  So long as it’s not small versions of adult pieces, it can be used by grown ups too.  AND it usually costs less.


So there you have it, 7 soothing & relaxing bedrooms in every style plus a few tips thrown in to help you “turn off” & rest.  Try 1 or a few – ban electronics or add “white” noise & light filtering window treatments – and see what a difference it makes.

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