The Power in Letting Go


Good morning dear friends.

Let’s consider that sometimes, the picture isn’t finished yet. We may have many ideas, possibilities, hopes, and dreams floating around, like asteroids orbiting a planet. We may think events in our lives are happening aimlessly, without purpose. All we see are disconnected, floating blobs. We reach for them, try to grab them in our hands so we can connect them, force them into a whole, force them into a picture we can see, or into something that makes sense.


Today, let’s allow the pieces to be. Let ourselves be. Sometimes, chaos needs to precede order. The pieces will come together in a picture that makes sense, in a beautiful work of art that pleases. We don’t have to force the pieces to fit together if it’s not time. We don’t have to know. There is a power sometimes in not knowing. There is power in letting go. Power in waiting. Power in stillness. Power in trust. There is power in letting the disconnected pieces be until they settle into a whole.


The action we are to take will appear timely and clearly. What we’re to do will become clear. This Sunday, let’s allow the pieces to be, and they’ll take shape. Soon we’ll see the picture! Many blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season!

Words of wisdom from Chaplain Roger Ward

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The Power in Letting Go

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