We all kick gift giving into overdrive around the Christmas holidays.

But have you considered giving more sustainable gifts for birthdays, special occasions, & other holiday as well?

I personally have done much less shopping lately and have been looking for more sustainable gifts that are practical, budget friendly, & keep on giving.  I thought about unique gifts that I would want & want to give.  To me the ultimate Green gift is food, so I will be sharing cookies, cakes, and other goodies all year long and that leads me right into my green gift guide.

Note:  All the items on this list are $50 or less.  Most are also sustainable in some way – recyclable after use, made from green/natural materials, long lasting, etc.  Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here. Photos link to products.

Green Gift Guide

For the home cook who has it all

This is for that 1 person who makes everything from baked goods to soups & sauces and has every tool & gadget to get it all done.  She’s a kitchen warrior or he’s a grill master.  Cooking is a thrill and there is nothing more you can do for them in the kitchen other than enjoy the fruits of their labor.

So here’s a gift that will make it easy for the home cook to share their culinary creations with {old school} style – Williams-Sonoma’s Personalized Recipe Gift Set With Embosser.

For the serious foodie in your life

The home cook is probably also a serious foodie.  She’s almost tried it all at least once, and what she hasn’t is on her bucket list.  Here’s something I’m willing to bet she doesn’t get to cook with very often (or at all) – Italian Black Truffles.  She’ll know you really love her and her worldly taste if you give her this gift set.  But give carefully; as one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world she might also be too scared to use it!

truffle gift set

For the wine connoisseur

People who drink {lots of} wine probably have all the gadgets – manual corkscrews, electric corkscrews, stoppers in every style, an aerator or 2, maybe even a few chillers.  They also have all the stemware and a wine rack that’s more like a home bar.  Some people are lucky enough to have a dedicated cellar.  This is 1 person for whom it’s better to think small.  The only thing you can get them beyond a wine subscription is something small that they may have overlooked – hang tags.   These swank slate hang tags can be used for wine, cheese, or hors d’oeuvres; so technically these could be for the foodie too.

wine tag set

For your friends who stay on the go

If they haven’t already ditched the plastics, here’s your chance to help them take the plunge.  It’s a proven fact that plastic water bottles can leach harmful toxins into our bodies, both from packaged water bottles and reusable water bottles.  Plus you never really know that the water you are drinking truly came from Fiji (and honestly, who cares if it did).

Get your friend a sleek Water Bobble and they can drink fresh cold water (or warm tea or hot coffee) to their heart’s content.  These are insulated, they’re stainless steel, they’re fully customizable.  What’s not to love?!


For kids


For years kids have loved Junie B. Jones.  My 22 year old loved these books & now my 7 year old does too!  Truth is I even love them!  Forget about the toys and noisemakers that will drive mom& dad CRAZY before they end up at the bottom of the toy box – forgotten forever.  Get the youngsters hardcover books they’ll love for years, not to mention you’re building those reading skills in a fun way!

Bonus – hardcover books may even get passed down for generations.  It doesn’t have to be Junie B.; we have Dr. Suess & Little Golden Books that have been in this family for 20-30 years!

And old…

Have you SEEN the world of LEGO lately?!  It’s amazing what they have available now.  Not just character sets – those are cool – but LOOK. AT. THESE!

LEGO has an entire architecture line of products and they are incredible!  Nurture a young mind, keep them busy for hours days, and maybe even sneak a little history or geography lesson in.

LEGO sets are not necessarily eco-friendly, even though how they are made can be. BUT these are not something you would throw out in the trash. EVER.


For teens (or anyone who’s always on a phone, tablet, or other gadget)

I personally don’t want to hear everything my kids are listening to. But I also get tired of tangled headphones and hearing them fuss about needing new ones.  Happens all the time.  For teens who are not “beats ready” (i.e. not responsible enough for high dollar tech), these are perfect.  Headphones that wrap around your wrist when you’re not using them (instead of stuck in a backpack, pocket, or purse).  They keep up with their headphones so I don’t have to buy a new pair at least once a year.

For frequent travelers (and those of us with tired feet)

These are cute.  And smart.  They are like those foldable shoes but more comfortable.  These are FitKicks and they’re meant for people who travel a lot so the can easily slide on and off at the airport.  But they can be worn for anything really – indoors, outdoors, light workouts, commutes – you name it.  They’re comfy, tough & wash up easily – just rinse or hand wash and let them air dry.


For the fashionista (and the fashionable gentleman)

There’s no shortage of online retailers offering eco-conscious options.  From H&M to ASOS, they are out there at all price points if you look.  It’s hard to find clothes & accessories for other people and God forbid you get the wrong size.  Or worse… a gift card (absolutely NO thought).  Instead, give the fashionista an appointment with a personal stylist or image consultant like Jedaiah Ç who specializes in vintage finds and thrifted chic style.

For my curly girls (and guys, I guess)

Y’all know that I don’t typically buy hair products because of all the “stuff” that’s in most of them.  I prefer to mix my own, but this is a product that I would buy and give.  Every one knows Madam C.J. Walker & her hair products have come a long way.  This one is completely natural & organic with ingredients I would use myself.

And last, honorable mention for this one…

They are calling it a Leather Wrapped Stone.  It’s certainly sustainable – it’s a rock.  I don’t know if I would consider this a gag gift but I hear people are using them as decorative accessories and paperweights.  With that logic, I suppose this could be a great gift for the eclectic homeowner or the workaholic, perhaps?

That’s it – my list of green gifts for the people on your list that already have everything.

My mama always told me to give gifts I would want to get.  Well I want all of these (except the rock).  😉

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