On this day, let’s trust what we know. Not what we think we know, but what we know in our hearts.

We often know the truth long before we let ourselves see and believe it, long before we’re ready to acknowledge it. For many reasons – fear, timing, and a myriad of issues too long to list – we ignore and discount what we know in our hearts. But the truth doesn’t go away. What’s true, what we know to be true, will nag at us and haunt us. And even if we try to run from that truth, our experiences will ultimately lead us back to it.


Life may bring us many issues we want to run from, issues that are a challenge. But the real challenge we face is learning to trust ourselves and trust what we know to be true. Maybe someone once told us we couldn’t be trusted. That’s too bad. But what’s worse is that we begin to believe it and started to tell ourselves that, too.

Today, let’s believe that our hearts can be trusted. Let’s not doubt that. It will inevitably connect us to what’s true. Let’s love ourselves enough to trust what we know. Then let’s stay connected to truth! Many blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season!

Words of wisdom from Dr. Roger Ward

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