This has been a long time coming so here it is… KID SPACE!

This room has been everything from storage to an office to a guest room before it found it’s true calling as the little one’s bedroom.  Of course it didn’t start out this way;  it was previously far more appropriate for a baby.  But there are certain things that were intentionally done 4 years ago in anticipation of a growing kid and a decorating mommy who was NOT going to want to redo the ENTIRE room (that would be me)!  This room is a great space to be creative and have fun yet is still soothing and relaxing enough for nap and bedtime.  And it incorporates all of this kid’s interests. Perfect…. for now.  😉

First things first… when we painted this room I knew that I would not want to redo it in 5 years and again in 5 more years and possibly 2 more times (at least) after that.  At the very least we would have to repaint if and when we were to decide to move.

Second… I DO NOT DO THEMED KID’S ROOMS.  Sorry, but it’s just not for me.  I have done them for others many times, but never for my own kids rooms.

Those 2 things are likely the biggest factors that made this room easy to switch from a baby room to a big kid room (aside from the expected convertible furnishings).  But as they say, and I believe it is true, it’s all in the details.


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