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Houston has a lot to offer newcomers. From it’s affordable real estate prices to its booming job market, people are drawn to Houston for a range of reasons. But how can you make this new city feel like home? Where do you begin? Well, as a Houston interior designer, I may be a bit biased.

Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than a perfectly curated style that reflects your personality, which I can help with! But there are many other things you can do to get a better feel for your new location.

How to make Houston feel like home

I’ve compiled my top tips for making Houston your home below:


The kitchen is the soul of any home, especially in the south! It’s where food is made with love and where families come together. For most families, having a functional, spacious and welcoming kitchen is essential for feeling like they belong in their new house.

So, find a home that has a culinary hub you can enjoy to the fullest. And if you can’t find one, why not create one? As a full service interior designer in Houston, I can work with you to transform any kitchen into a space you’re happy to spend time in.

Moving to a new city is tiring and unnerving. The last thing you want when you finally get unpacked and accustomed to your new home is to realize that the kitchen doesn’t operate the way you first thought it would. Maybe there isn’t enough space between your fridge and dishwasher, or maybe you thought there would be enough storage space but you realized you have more appliances and dishes than you initially estimated. Things happen! But one thing’s for sure: a professional interior designer can make moving to Houston the seamless experience you’ve been hoping for.


Houston has a ton of family friendly neighborhoods to choose from. You’ll find craftsman style bungalows and Queen Anne mansions in The Heights. And Pearland is home to 19th century colonials with central entry doors that transport you back to a time when English and Dutch settlers constructed these beautiful homes. Even communities like Oak Forest, where more traditional style homes are the norm, has a wealth of schools, libraries and parks that make it the perfect location for a growing family.

Finding the neighborhood that most speaks to you and the future you want is the surest way to enjoy where you are not just today, but every day.


Let’s face it: moving is never a walk in the park. Relocating to Houston is no different. But there are a ton of services that can make your life easier!

From movers who will unpack your belongings for you, to refurbished furniture stores where you can find great pieces for your new home at an affordable price, there are plenty of helping hands if you only take the time to look.

There’s even an ultra-healthy meal delivery service that will bring nutritious, all-natural meals to your home, ensuring you never have to handle the logistics of your move on an empty stomach.

Sometimes, your sanity is worth the extra investment. Being able to rely on reputable companies to take care of some of the details for you may be the difference between hating moving to Houston and enjoying your new journey!

And, of course, don’t forget that a dependable and dedicated Houston interior designer like myself would be happy to take over the details of redecorating or renovating your home, ensuring deadlines are met and the project is completed precisely when you need it to be.

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