Well y’all, it’s week 6 of the ORC and that means it’s time for… Our Master Bedroom REVEAL!  I have vacuumed my bedroom for the first time in 3 weeks and I never knew it could feel so good!  No we are not lazy or dirty, there was just no reason to do it until I was done with all the dirty work – literally.

In case you missed it & want to catch up from the beginning, here’s what I tackled week by week:

Week 1 | Week 2| Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

This officially falls under the category of a room remix!  Some things in my master bedroom design stayed the same – most of the furniture, the basic layout, & we didn’t knock down any walls or change doors & trim.  Other things got a face lift, didn’t make the cut, or were replaced by something new.

I’m sure you’re ready for me to stop talking about it and just show you what I did.  So, here goes…

Our Master Bedroom Before


First things first – the color!  That 1 change was enough to change the entire vibe of the room.  Proof that paint truly is the quickest, least expensive way to update a space.  I chose the new color scheme in week 2 – actually the colors chose me long before we planned to remix our master bedroom.

In week 4 I tackled the ceiling fan & I have to say I LOVE how it turned out!  Just a little tweak with the addition of a drum shade makes it more modern, sleek, & yes… pretty!

I originally wanted monogrammed pillows, but when I saw these at World Market I simply could NOT resist!  It’s a little playful, a little romantic & sexy, and DH even likes them.

But this is only the beginning…

In week 3 and week 5, I hinted at a special little upholstery project that was a surprise for my husband.  Most of the furniture in our master bedroom was already there, including the bed.  We love the bed and in solid wood furniture years, it’s relatively new so we weren’t looking to replace it.

BUT… my husband has mentioned a few times that he’d really like a padded headboard.  So I made him one; actually I made a 2-sided padded slipcover for our current headboard.  One side is white linen, the other is gray velvet.  I love tufting, hubby does not.  And since the settee already has tufts, I decided to leave them out of this project.  In the end, he gets his padding and I get versatility.

This slipcover got completed just in the nick of time, literally the final day of the challenge.

Take a look at some of the decorating options this gives us:

I’m partial to the gray velvet, but who doesn’t love options?!

I know that people like to put large rugs (or layers of rugs) under beds, but I don’t follow that rule unless there are hard floors in the bedroom.  We have wall to wall carpet, so a rug really isn’t necessary.  The purpose of this rug is to define the seating area and add color & an extra layer of texture.


Can we talk about those sheers?  I never considered sheers before because they reminded me of a grandma’s house, and not in a good way.  BUT… I wanted something really soft that would filter light but would not obstruct the view.  These are surprisingly flowing, graceful, and even luxurious.  They feel amazing and look great fully open AND fully closed.  I love these sheers.

My favorite thing about our new master bedroom is not 1 thing or the whole thing. My favorite thing is all the “non-stock” items in this room that I probably won’t see in anyone else’s home.

My side table is an old vanity that I got for free at a garage sale.  Originally I wanted to top it with a solid slab of marble but at $200 for an 18″x35″ remnant, it did not fit into the budget.  

I also wanted to keep the antique look so I cleaned up the table and mirror with a mixture of vinegar & olive oil.  Then I topped it with marble tile, thanks in big part to help from David at my local Lowe’s, and changed out the hardware.  All total this table cost me less than $75!

I think the marble tile came out really well.  I love it so far.  I especially love that it was almost 1/3 the cost of a marble slab!

On the other side of the bed, we kept the long dresser because the scale is just right for the layout.  I swapped out his handles for leather pulls with “rivets” that we worked on together.  Completely masculine.  

Then there was my grandmother’s high boy to deal with.  Refinishing it was no problem, finding handles to fit drove me almost bononos.  There are 2 sizes of handles on my dresser – 2 1/2″ center to center & 2″ center to center.  I could find enough of 1 or the other (online only) but none that either matched or even played nice together.  So, I used the handles from my husband’s dresser and made the rest myself.  This is also the 1 & only place in the room where I could get girly – husbands don’t do girly.

Antique Mahogany Veneer Dresser – After

Here’s a visual of the makeover I gave this dresser…  It’s one of my favorite projects ever!  And Grandmother loves it too!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room…  

You can see through the mirror next to my dresser that there is plenty of seating for reading, sipping wine, relaxing or just putting on shoes.  I was really deliberate with the chairs and the mirrors so even facing away from the window, I can still see the view out back through the mirror.

I just sat here this morning with my coffee & “iThing” – great way to start the day.


The prints in the seating area are replicas of original paintings by our son. The original canvases are living large in our family room!

This truly was a {fun & rewarding} challenge and BIG thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting.  I’m already thinking of my next makeover!  In the meantime, I’m headed over to check out the rest of the One Room Challenge Guest Participant’s Rooms.

Thank YOU so much for following along and checking out my makeover.  I’d love to know your thoughts on the new space!


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    1. You didn’t miss it Mari. The video show us putting the slipcover on, but I plan to post how I made it in a later post. It was not nearly as hard as I pictured it in my head, but I promise to post a tutorial.

  1. Wow! Nikki, your bedroom makeover is fantastic! I don’t know what I love more…your headboard slipcover or those marble tiles! You did a great job giving things you already have a new life. Love it!