Here we are in week 5 of the One Room Challenge & I have to say that there is pure madness and mayhem in this final stretch.  I’ve done so much, but there is still so much to do.  With just 1 week until the final reveal, I can give you a sneak peek of some of the things going on in our master bedroom.

ORC Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

Last week I showed you how I changed out the light kit on our ceiling fan.  I know this is something that is all over Pinterest BUT those are mostly the standard 3 or 4 arm light kits that a drum shade can easily just slide up and over.  This 1 is a little different so if you missed the ceiling fan post, check it out here.  Here’s a look at the finished fan:


The tacks on the back wall? Those are just markers for the triptic that might end up there. I haven’t decided between those or 1 larger canvas in that spot. Either way, better to mark the spot with thumbtacks or straight pins than put lots of nail holes in my newly painted finish.

Our master bedroom is a pretty good size so overhead lighting is just the beginning of the overall lighting design.  Of course there’s bedside lighting, but we also have to consider the seating area(s).  Speaking of which, we finally agreed decided on a rug that we both can love and it’s totally different from what I’d initially considered.  I think it’s going to anchor the seating area very nicely.

The rug was the last order to come in & now all the basic textiles are done.  Everything is a silvery gray & white, a simple modern palette that’s clean, flexible, and appeals to both genders (I love it & so does my DH).  It’s great because it can stand alone in a modern or contemporary room or take a back seat to practically any color palette or style.

I am still trying to keep my minor upholstery project under wraps but I wanted to show some of the fabrics that I’m using.  It’s the contrast in texture that I’m loving about these.  It’s going to be so versatile; don’t worry I’ll tell you all about it in the reveal next week.  On a side note… do y’all know how hard it is to get a good photo of texture?

Textiles for Master Dedroom

I only fully refinished 1 piece in this room & I think it’s turning out amazing.  In week 2, I showed you all my grandmother’s high boy and started prepping it for a makeover.  I couldn’t decide how I wanted to treat it so my DH decided for me.  This is the 1 decision he made without any input, and I have to say it’s a good 1.  The dresser is not even done yet but it’s already the standout piece in the room!  I can’t wait to add drawer pulls – OMG I’m excited about this!


Of course the accessories are the final touches and will complete the room, but if I showed y’all that it would ruin the reveal next week.  Just know that this is where I will bring in all the color & texture.  I know, that’s not enough information to go on so here’s a peek at 2 original art pieces that will be included – they will be much smaller versions of these & will probably go in the seating area… (sorry, no glimpses at color choices)


Self portraits in black & white painted by our son

Even though I’ve purchased new items for the bedroom, I used most of what we already owned and changed things up a little (or a LOT).  I hope that you can find some ideas you can incorporate into your master bedroom (or any room) at little to no cost.

There’s plenty more inspiration from other One Room Challenge guest participants so go check those out as well.

Make sure to stop by next week for the big reveal where you’ll see me pull everything together.  Until then…

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    1. Thank you Debi. We knew he had a gift but were totally surprised & very impressed when we saw his work at the senior art show this past May. I thought it was just drawings & graphic design so imagine my surprise to see everything from paintings to mixed media!