Week 4 of the One Room Challenge was really hard for me for 1 reason alone… incorporating the ceiling fan into my lighting design.  Specifically the light kit on our ceiling fan.  There is technically nothing wrong with our ceiling fan, it’s a standard fan with a glass bowl fixture.  The fan itself is not the problem, I would just prefer a drum shade in our master bedroom to fit in more with the lighting design and the overall look & feel.  They are more modern, flexible enough to fit practically any decor style, and can be customized to the hilt with fabric, paint, cutouts – imagination is the only limit.

Full disclosure:  I scoured so many sources and was SO close to buying a swanky new fan or at least a new drum shade light kit.  But honestly, they all started to look alike after a while & that just made me frustrated.  So I decided I would go back to my original idea to make it a DIY project.  But. My. Goodness. I completely went brain dead on this thing, but I finally figured out the solution to a problem I’ve thought about for months yet seems so simple now.

Some things are easier to explain in real time – pictures won’t make the point – so have a look at this.  You can hear it all in my voice… from pure frustration to absolute jubilation in exactly 14 minutes & 28 seconds where I get totally distracted by a screwdriver!

Incorporating the Ceiling Fan into my Lighting Design

No that I’ve figured this out, I will just swap this shade out for the 1 that will eventually live here.  I’m SO glad I didn’t pull the trigger on buying new because that’s a few extra hundred $$ we can use for something else!

So here it is week 4 and my checklist is dwindling.  I have:

✓ Repaint – 1st & foremost that blue tray ceiling MUST go
✓ Update textiles – window treatments & bedding, add a rug – I finally decided on a rug & I went an entirely different direction from what I was originally considering
✓ Refinish my grandmother’s high boy – now I have to decide on handles
□ Refinish my “side table” (it’s actually a sewing table minus the sewing machine and a real top
□ Recover the sofa and arrange a true sitting area
✓ Update the ceiling fan light kit
□ Add art & accessories
□ Perhaps a little something unexpected with the french doors to the bathroom… MAYBE.

About those textiles… Last week I mentioned that I had a “special little upholstery project in mind“.  I still have not decided on the fabric for that.  I’m trying to keep it quiet until the very last minute I can because I want it to be a surprise for my DH.  But it still needs to get started very soon.

The rest of this week I’ll finish up the lighting and start bringing the layout together while I’m waiting for all my orders to come in.  In the meantime, I met my goal for this week – to get out of our son’s room and start sleeping in our own bed again!

Don’t forget to check out the progress of all the One Room Challenge makeovers.  It might inspire you to start your own.  Until next week…

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  1. Hey doll, love the ceiling fan idea. I have always wanted ceiling fans in my home but since I currently rent don’t want to make the investment. Def will keep this saved for future ref thanks xo