Last week on the One Room Challenge, I chose my paint colors, got to painting, and started working on refinishing my dresser.  This week’s goal is deciding on textiles, but first a recap of last week’s progress.

First off, people seem to think bigger is better, but this is a case where I know that’s not true.  Normally I can paint a decent sized room, ceiling and all, in a day or 2.  Our master bedroom is a pretty good size – about 285 square feet – and it took the entire week to get the tray and the walls painted.  All my dresser got was a good sanding & a coat of primer.

Now that the color is up, it’s already so much better.  Amazing what 2 coats of paint can do.

Next up, layout.  During week 1, I played around with options and thought I had decided on a layout but now I am rethinking some things.  I wanted to keep the sofa from our old living room here in the bedroom for those alone times when we didn’t actually want to be in bed.  It’s been in different positions – at the foot of the bed, against the window wall, across from the bed – but none of them seem just right to me.

So, I may have to rethink the sofa in the bedroom.  It’s pretty big & just because it fits doesn’t mean it fits the new design.  We’ll revisit that later.  Until then I’m thinking about something fun…

Deciding on Textiles

This really should have come before paint selection, but like I explained in week 2, that Rococco Violet had been calling my name for over a year.  I may have made it harder on myself to base my master bedroom design around a specific color, but it’s not called the One Room Challenge for nothing.

Deciding on textiles - Upholstery

Bedding is a huge deal to me – it has to look great & feel even better.  AND not break my budget.  I’ve decided to keep things simple, modern, and clean with a silver gray & white color palette using beach/nature inspired jewel tones as accents.  I also have a special little upholstery project in mind that will take our comfort level up a notch.

The master bedroom is on the back side of our home with a wall of windows facing the lake.  Even though there are homes on the other side of the lake, privacy is not a huge issue – the view IS.  I want light filtering window treatments that don’t obstruct the view so I chose linen sheers.

The only thing I’m stuck on is the rug.  I’ve found so many that I really like a lot but narrowing it down has been a beast.  I’m definitely not matchy matchy but this is where I want to pull together my base colors from the walls – Mindful Gray & Rococco Violet.  Here’s a look at some of what I am considering.

Deciding on textiles - the rug

I love the texture of each of these.  Right now I am leaning more toward #1 and #3 because of the tonal effects.  I love #4, but I think it may be a bit too traditional.  I’ll have to decide soon enough.  What do you think?

Check back to see what I choose.  Until then…

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  1. With a pattern as bold and geometric as #3 has, I’d wonder if I’d get tired of it kind of quickly. #5 has a lovely subtle pattern, with hints of silver depending on the light.

    1. Hey Margot!! I was torn between #3 & #5 but they are different enough to consider both. The pattern on #3 is bold, you’re right, but most of it will under furniture. I do love the silver in #5!

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by. The ORC is so exciting huh? Sometimes the smallest things are the hardest, but the rug & upholstery could make or break this whole thing.

  2. I love all your rug choices! I think I like #4 the most though. It’s a traditional style, but not a traditional color, and I really like that! You can’t go wrong with any of them really! Good luck on your last couple of weeks! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Hi Robin. Rug #4 really is gorgeous. I may have to work it into another room, it’s so pretty. This last stretch is soooo hard… Just when things are coming together, I realize how much more there is still to do. It’s going to be so worth it in the end!