I am slowly working my way through the One Room Challenge.  My goal for this week is deciding on paint colors.  If you’ve started following along, thanks for checking in.  First time here, big thanks for that too – find out what room I’m doing & why and check out some of the ORC plans going on at Calling it Home.

I say I am slowly working through my plans because even though I still haven’t decided on a  layout, I did decide and start a few other things.  I’ve decided on what items will not make the cut to stay in our bedroom, my base colors, & I have a little more clarity on the direction I want to go.

When we moved in last year, I thought I wanted to incorporate some version of my favorite color (purple) somewhere in this house.  There’s so many choices & I love using lots of color.


But this is our bedroom and needs to be a relaxing but sexy sanctuary.  Plus, the lakeside location and open layout – that was already painted in a color scheme I mostly love – didn’t make it easy for me to do that.  Still I held on to this 1 color card from a year ago and eventually brought home a sample of Sherwin Williams Rococco Violet.  I wasn’t even looking for it, but it found me.

Normally, deciding on paint color would not be the first thing I’d do unless it’s already there and pretty much “perfect“; textiles would come first – they are much more expensive &not as easy to change.  But I was and am clearly drawn to this color in a major way so now that I am participating in the challenge, I decided to take the plunge and use it.

It has gray tones and since there are shades of gray throughout our home, I decided to carry that through to the bedroom – which you can see from the family room – for good color continuity.  So Rococco Violet is my starting point.  And this has NEVER happened to me before but the SW 2017 color of the year might actually make it into my project!

Our Master Bedroom Base Colors

I haven’t decided on accent colors yet but this base combination should keep things neutral instead of going too far down the feminine side. It will also still allow us to change things up with accent pieces whenever we want.

Right now my master bedroom is a mess with paint swatches on the walls & ceiling.  But mainly it’s a mess because of 1 of the pieces that I knew would make the cut – my grandmother’s old high boy.  She gave it to me years ago and I’ve wanted to give it a little face lift for a while.  This dresser is not my style at all, but it is very solid and well built.  Old school for real, with dovetail joints and mahogany veneer on the drawer fronts.

I’m not sure which is worse to refinish, veneer or laminate especially if the veneer is loose and starting to peel like some is on my dresser.  So this week is dedicated to painting – the dresser & the walls.

Check back next week to see how far I get on this.  And to see what’s next!  Until then…

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  1. Hey Nikki, just started following your color board on Pin love it! Nice color combo look forward to pic shares on finished project 🙂
    Let me know if you need any prints to add a little pop! 🙂