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    Stinky House? Try A Natural Air Freshener For Your Home

    I love a good Wallflower but I also love the smell of a naturally fresh home.  If you’re not a fan of plug in air fresheners or aerosols this tip is for you. Ever notice how during the holidays your home smells of all the great food and baked goods you make?  Visitors come in and immediately say “mmm, it smells so good in here”.  Well you can harness that yummy goodness and use this technique any time to make your home smell fresh and delicious. Read on for natural air fresheners for your home that you make on the stovetop. All you need is a pot, a knife, some fruit, herbs &…

  • Homemade Dishwasher Tabs
    The Green Life

    Finally! My Magic Formula for Homemade Dishwasher Tabs!

    YAAAAAYYYYYY! Shall I yell it again? YAY! What’s all the excitement about?  THESE!!!! Backstory —> I went almost completely “green” last year, ridding my home of toxic chemicals while still keeping it clean and fresh.  And while I know that I did nothing that hadn’t been done in years past – I mean way way back in the day before all these newfangled products came along anyway –  It was a BIG score.  I have made everything from toilet fizzies to “soft scrub” to dish detergent.  But the ONE thing that I just had not been able to get just right is the dishwasher detergent.  Powder.  No.  Gel.  No.  Tabs.…