I like to keep a clean & clutter free desk but there a few things I have to always have within reach. There are some unexpected office essentials you may not think of… until you need them.

A little background about me… I have dry skin. That means not only is my skin naturally dry, so are my lips & scalp. After all, they are skin too.

Now that you know that, you’ll get why these 5 things always have a place in my home office. I keep them here so that I don’t have to go someplace else in the house every time I need them.

WFH Office Essentials

Watch the video below for a tour of the space & where I keep my more personal office essentials or if you prefer to read, simply scroll down.


In particular, I keep a moisturizing serum for my face that I whipped up. It’s so soothing & smells amazing.

It’s a mixture of rose water, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, & EVOO. No additional essential oils because that rose water is a power house!

Lip Balm

Lips are funny little things. Yes they’re skin, but they’re so dern thin… and delicate… and finicky. I have made my own lip balm & it works great but I recently tried something new – Vaseline Lip Therapy sticks. Avery even keeps one on his desk too.

Hand Sanitizer

Because COVID. And because it’s just good to have around when you can’t actually wash your hands. Or when someone comes into your office & you have no idea where they’ve been (lol) or if they’re hands are clean.

I know it can be hard get your hands on these days so try making some yourself – alcohol, aloe vera gel, & an essential oil or 2 are all you need.


Because hand sanitizer can be very drying. Not great if you already have dry skin like me. So I keep some handmade lotion or a jar of coconut oil nearby at all times too.

Hair Spray

Okay so hair isn’t skin. But scalp is. And naturally healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. I keep a small spray bottle filled with my DIY moisturizing hair spray to combat dryness & the itchies on my 4b/4c hair.

BONUS: Incense or Smudge Sticks

I start every single morning with a cup of coffee while I read my Bible, pray & meditate. Part of my morning ritual includes light incense or a smudge stick to invite positive energy into the space.

I literally use every one of the office essentials listed above every single day. I’m super lucky to have a place to store them out of sight, but even if I didn’t I’d find a way to keep them close at hand.

Do you have any unexpected office essentials that you can’t live without? Tell me about it in the comments & let’s add them to the list!

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